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Four Aces Charm                                               May 26, 1976-April 15, 2010


                                                                      RIP, OLD FRIEND


   Since she was my "first" horse, I thought she deserved her own special page on our website.  Although I was born into a family that raised and always have owned horses, Charm was the first horse I actually bought, paid for with over two year worth of babysitting money when I was a teenager.  She was a scrawny bay AQHA filly....a sad little sight really...but there was something special in her eyes.  Over our years together we shared many good memories.  She was shown by both my sister and myself in her younger years and was a great mare to ride.  She came along with me when I got married...poor Fred realized we were a package deal.  Over the years she raised 10 lovely foals for us and we would go on the occasional trail rides.  Into her 20 she retired to the esteemed psotion  of pasture ornament.  She started turning gray at her temples, loosing her robust shape but she was always beautiful in my eyes!!!  She was laid to rest on April 15, 2010 just 6 weeks shy of her 34th birthday...we had been together for 33 years and I am so thankful for the experience of those years. 

                                                                   Rest easy, Soot!!!

In the quiet of the stable, you hear a muffled snort 

the stamp of a hoof, a friendly nicker

Gentle eyes inquire "How was your day old friend?"

and suddenly, all of your troubles fade away


  • November 1976
    November 1976
  • Yearling...her mane never did behave.
    Yearling...her mane never did behave.
  • Charm with AQHA filly, Aces Silver Lace.
    Charm with AQHA filly, Aces Silver Lace.
  • Charm at 31
    Charm at 31
  • 32nd Birthday
    32nd Birthday
  • November 2009
    November 2009
  • Winter 2009
Our 33rd anniversary together.
    Winter 2009 Our 33rd anniversary together.

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