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Reply Kelinfuth
8:34 PM on October 10, 2019 
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Reply LesBync
9:44 AM on September 7, 2019 
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Reply Wesleypriny
8:08 AM on July 29, 2018 
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12:39 AM on July 14, 2018 
Hi! I found your website by accident this morning, but am really pleased that I did! Not only is it entertaining, but also straightforward to use compared with lots that I've viewed! I was attempting to discover what theme you had employed, ? anyone have any clue? I've utilized a similar overall page layout myself, but discover that your web site loads a lot more swiftly, although you seem to have a great deal additional material. The only issue I've had is with the header, which seems less wide that the actual page in Opera v8.0, although it appears OK in IE and in firefox maybe it's time to swap! Excellent web site, incredibly tidy job, and a excellent inspiration for my simple attempt! I'll be looking to improve my own internet site and will certainly visit again soon!
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Reply sealnangualk
3:57 PM on September 2, 2017 
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Reply Jessie McFawn
11:08 AM on October 31, 2012 
There absolutely beautiful horses!! I see you have a mare called Jessie!! That's my name!
Reply patti gillis
7:11 PM on October 16, 2012 
Love the photos
Reply Ryan Ward
5:07 PM on April 26, 2012 
You have some beautiful horses.. i really like your stud.. are you offering him to the public this year?? I look forward to hearing from you !

Reply Gloria M
10:50 AM on January 2, 2012 
Hoping to be able to get Joe to my place. I train using Parelli natural horsemanship and all of my horses respond beautifully. I have a 17 year old QH mare who has been with me since she was 3 years old, a 16 yr old Clyde x QH gelding who I've had for 3 yrs, a mini stud and a mini donkey, both of whom are young and due to be gelded this fall - have to do them together, they're pals! Joe would fit in really well .....
Reply Natali
2:41 PM on November 13, 2011 
Hi there, Val! Your horses are wonderful, and i am glad I found your site. I hope that I will be able to buy Jewel soon in spring.

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