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I was raised around horses and have never known a day without one....my parents raised horses as well so we were fortunate to always have had them in our lives.  My parents raised American Quarter Horses and that is where my fondness for that breed originated.  With 2 years worth of babysitting money, I purchased my very own AQHA filly in the fall of 1976 and she remained with me until she passed away in 2010.  It was that mare, Charm, that came along with me when I married my husband...poor fella...we were a package deal.  My husband, Fred and I have raised foals on a small scale for over 30 years.  We have raised both AQHA and APHA horses.  We have downsized but have retained a few beautiful American Paint Horses.....we love the sea of colors. 

  Our horses are our hobby and we truly enjoy just being around them.


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